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Service Provider Unlimited phone numbers are designed primarily for organizations operating call centers, calling card access numbers, IVR systems, support hotlines; wish to re-sell the numbers, and other related activities. The Service Provider Unlimited phone numbers may be used for any purpose with no restrictions; and may be connected to the equipment of your choice.

Phone numbers Canada US Phone Numbers
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Available in over 1,600 rate centers (cities) covering 33 US states and all of the Canadian provinces/territories.

Usage type
Inbound OnlyYes
Residential / PersonalYes
Business / OfficeYes
Call centersYes
IVR servicesYes
Calling card providersYes
Conference roomsYes
Any purposeYes
PSTN Forwarding Capable:Yes
PSTN FWD included in DID Cost:No
Incoming channels
Included channels1
Maximum channelsUnlimited
Additional channel monthly fee$29.95
Additional channel setup fee$29.95
Monthly fee$29.95
Setup - one time fee$25.50
Price per minute$0.00

Included channels 1
Maximum channels Unlimited
Additional channel monthly fee $25
Additional channel setup fee $25
Monthly fee $29.95
Setup - one time fee $25
Price per minute $0.00

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