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The IP Freedom plan allows you to call friends, family or any other Esnoei member worldwide for FREE all the time with no commitments. You can also place and receive calls to other VoIP networks that allow calls to / from their networks directly using a SIP URI or via SIP Broker.
With IP Freedom you can use a telephone adapter or IP Phone purchased separately, software on your computer or mobile phone, or an IP PBX to make unlimited free calls between all Esnoei members using your internet connection.

There's no commitments, no credit card needed, and no need to pay for anything unless you decide to upgrade to one of our paid services.

IP Freedom does not allow you to call traditional landline and mobile phones. If you like the idea of the Esnoei IP Freedom plan, but need to make calls to traditional phones please take a look at our Pay Per Call plan.

Usage type
Outbound OnlyYes
Residential / PersonalYes
Business / OfficeYes
Call centersYes
IVR servicesYes
Calling card providersYes
Any purposeYes
Outgoing channels
Included channels3
Maximum channelsUnlimited
Additional channel monthly fee$0.00
Additional channel setup fee$0.00
Monthly fee$0.00
Setup - one time fee$0.00
Included minutes0
Price per minuteVaries
Included channels 3
Maximum channels Unlimited
Additional channel monthly fee $0.00
Additional channel setup fee $0.00
Monthly fee $0.00
Setup - one time fee $0.00
Included minutes 0
Price per minute Varies

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